What People Are Saying

Peter R. - 5 star rating

I spent 4yrs under the tutorship of Dolores starting just after my 70th birthday and I'll forever be grateful for the amount of skills she taught me. It's not easy teaching an old dog new tricks but she managed it without strangling me. I like that she started off from day one using all fingers of both hands and not just chords. She was flexible in her approach without sacrificing necessary habits. We met through doing Music in local theater and she was magnificent the way she directed dozens of singers. Would highly recommend St.Cecilia Conservatory.

David R. - 5 star rating

Very serious about her work and shows a lot of interest in making sure that  the kids learn to be the best in their music.

Maria R.- 5 star rating

We have been taking piano lessons for 3 years now and Dolores is a very professional and patient teacher! We really appreciate our lesson time with her! I highly recommend her to anyone looking for an affordable piano teacher!!!

Autumn H. - 5 star rating

I had a lovely time learning at St. Cecilia Conservatory! I learned so much about the piano, certain hand positions to use while playing, reading notes, and a lot more. The teacher is also very patient and understanding! When I would struggle learning a certain song, we would keep trying and trying until I got it down and not once would she lose her patience. Unfortunately I had to stop my lessons due to school life and personal life becoming hectic, but I will definitely start back up again in the summer time because I truly miss learning the piano and receiving lessons from Delores!

Melissa C. - 5 star rating

Upon joining this music school, I was asked what prior knowledge I had and my professor was able to place me within a level where I could learn more at my state at the time. Slowly as we continued the one-on-one lessons, the pieces progressively became challenging and I was able to complete them one after another. There is real professionalism during the lessons as well as the workshops that take place. When working on a piece of music, there is musical terminology learned while advancing through it. Her consistent references from musical terminology to musical history fun facts shows how much there is to share.  When I couldn't make it to some music lessons or if an event had come up, I could send a text or call then get a reply with available times for a make-up lesson to replace the lesson missed.  Time is crucial when attending because every minute counts when learning something new and fun with a teacher one-on-one.

Jonathan A. - 5 star rating

I have been with Ms.D since I was 8 years old. She has been very patient with me throughout the years and has guided me to achieve discipline, humility, and professionalism not only on the piano, but in every aspect of my life. I am 19 now and I owe much of the success I have achieved in life through the schooling I have attained at St. Cecilia's Conservatory.

Leslie G. - 5 star rating

Very good with young people.  A very talented player, wanting to share and teach.  

Mark F. - 5 star rating

 I have been taking piano lessons from Dolores Ciavola for about a year and a half as of February 2018. She's a great teacher! She is encouraging, creative, insightful, and thorough.  Highly recommend her to anyone wanting to study piano.