Frequently Asked Questions re: St. Cecilia Conservatory in Lansdowne PA Piano Lessons in Lansdowne

Where are you located?

131 N. Lansdowne Ave, Lansdowne PA 19050.   15 minutes from Springfield, 10 minutes from Havertown, 20 minutes from Center City and the Main Line.  

What is Your Mission?

St Cecilia Conservatory is dedicated to providing people of all ages the best musical education at an affordable price.  

What makes your studio unique?

Classes are held in our beautiful Victorian home in historic Lansdowne, PA.  Piano students take their lessons on and play our nine-foot Steinway Concert Grand, an instrument usually only seen on the great stages of the world such as Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center.  

Dolores Ciavola, Music Instructor, Piano Teacher and Owner/Director of St Cecilia has lived and breathed music all her life, and she brings a unique passion and perspective to her teaching. Piano Lessons in Upper Darby Piano Lessons in Lansdowne St Cecilia Conservatory in Lansdowne

Why study music?

The benefits of musical education are well known. Music lessons develop math and language skills, problem solving, organizational skills, self-discipline, self-esteem, personal responsibility, imagination and creativity, just to name a very few.  

Do you provide a live performance experience?

The workshop program is designed specifically to reduce performance anxiety.  

Do you have recitals?

Yes. Recitals are the showcase of what you learned through your hard work. It is a proud and exciting time for students, parents, and teachers.

Besides annual recitals, we provide every opportunity for our students to gain performance experiences through private concerts, competitions, and other events.