Individual lessons are tailored to each student's unique way of learning. Students receive thorough training in reading notation, basic theory as applied to each piece, technique-scales, arpeggios, Hanon studies and interpretation. We use traditional method books as well as a wide variety of supplemental materials.


Through duets and two-piano works students learn to listen and communicate musically with each other while having lots of fun. Duet literature can be used by students on the same level as well as beginner and more advanced. This inspires beginners to achieve.



Students learn reading and technique, care of their instruments and a wide variety of styles.


Tabatha has been playing the clarinet for fifteen years.



 This course develops the ability to match pitches, learn to recognize intervals and chords, sight-sing and read simple to complex rhythms. For more advanced students and those preparing for College entrance, we also will study Melodic, Rhythmic and Harmonic dictation.


Beginning this summer St. Cecilia will be offering six week survey courses in Music History. We will examine the lives and works of selected major composers of the 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th Centuries. Classes will include live and recorded examples of their works with a look at parallel developments in the Art world. Reading lists for further exploration will be provided. Come join us for what promises to be a highly enjoyable jaunt through the Ages.


St Cecilia teachers are all active performers. We will be giving Faculty Recitals throughout the year. These concerts will be held in our lovely, intimate concert hall right at the school. The concerts are educational as well as enjoyable. We discuss the life and times of the various composers and the process we went through to master the pieces and develop and interpretation. These concerts are open to the general public as well as students. 


“Painting glass and liquids are my specialty. The reason is because glass is so easily broken and liquid is so easily changed. They are the most ephemeral objects to possess, but can be turned timeless when translated into art.

As one of her students, this is what you will be learning how to do along with many other art skills. You will be learning how to capture anything and everything you see or hold dear without the use of a camera. To study every color that an object is made of, the refractions of light it throws back, the shadows it casts. The “it” or object might change per lesson, but the real lesson will not. The real lesson is that everything is art when done by your own hand.


What we do

* Highly individualized private lessons in Piano, Guitar, and Clarinet.

* Safe, supportive environment.

* Patient, caring teachers.

* Teachers understand each students unique way of learning.

* Teachers trained in working with students having developmental and/ or emotional challenges.

* Theory is presented as part of the overall learning process.

* Students learn good, efficient study techniques which apply to all learning situations.

* Thorough technical development, reading and ear-training.

* World class Steinway Concert grand on which to study and perform. 

* Opportunities for ensemble playing.

* Performance workshops designed to reduce performance anxiety.

* Competitions for those who desire more challenge.

* Periodic evaluations where parents receive a written record of the student's progress.

* Public performances at the Steinway Hall in Philadelphia as well as private performances at the School.

* Presentation of a wide variety of supplemental music as well as teaching material.

* Students make new musical friends and hear inspiring music at Workshops.


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